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Providing an alternative to institutionalized and campus living for persons with an acquired brain injury

How To Get Started: School & Day Services

We pride ourselves in helping families navigate the process of working with their local school system to be able to acquire the services needed for your child.  We work closely with referring school system to keep the student part of their home community and develop a transition plan to return the student to their home school when possible.




Admission Criteria:

  • Able to live at home and be transported to our location within a radius of 40 miles, or are over 18 years of age and can live in NCIL residences

  • Between the ages of 4 and 20, male or female

  • Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a Developmental Delay, Oppositional Deviant Disorder,  or neurological impairment

  • Ambulatory and have no significant health issues requiring nursing care

  • English speaking

  • Provided services as described in an Individual Education Program (IEP)

  • Funded by their local school system

Admission Process:

  • Contact the NCIL Program Director at 603-356-0282 (1-800-400-6245) or email Freddi Gale to inquire if we are able to meet the needs of your child

  • Visit the Ncil progam to evaluate our services

  • Contact your local Special Education Director at your local school

  • Schedule an IEP team meeting to discuss your child's placement

  • NCIL will work with you to navigate through this process in order to facilitate a successful referral and smooth transition