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Providing an alternative to institutionalized and campus living for persons with an acquired brain injury

Residential Services

Barrington NH NCIL residenceNCIL understands the various needs for specialized services and programs designed to each individual person based upon strengths, abilities, goals, and where the person may be in the rehabilitative process.

At the initial assessment a determination will be made as to where the person will find the most success in reaching the goal of maximum independence. A brief description of the services are listed below.

  • SUPPORTED APARTMENT LIVING: This program provides the balance of services and ongoing rehabilitation with re-integration, enabling the individual to move back into a desired independent lifestyle with minimal supports. This program has the least restrictive philosophy, with support services provided as written in the Plan of Care. Hours of direct care service will vary according to the needs of the individual and can be scheduled to coincide with employment, medical needs, transportation needs and activities of daily living.
  • SUPPORTED RESIDENTIAL CARE/LONG TERM CARE: This program provides personalized services designed with the specific needs of the individual who is in a shared living arrangement with peers and 24/7 staff supports. Programs may consist of two to six residents sharing a home environment, each occupying their own bedroom. Currently NCIL has 8 residential settings, each comfortable and unique. NCIL takes great pride providing an atmosphere of home comfort.