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Providing an alternative to institutionalized and campus living for persons with an acquired brain injury

School & Day Services Center

When there was a need expressed by local school districts to be able to provide “best practices” services locally, rather than placing children in out of district programs, NCIL responded.

For the past 10 years NCIL has been providing individualized services to students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, behavioral issues and other developmental disorders, allowing them to remain at home and in their community. Utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, specialists and teachers work with students to help them learn the functional skills, self regulation strategies and independence necessary to return to their public school classroom and friends when possible.

Services provided for children, adolescents and young adults include:

  • Extended Day School available year round.
  • Comprehensive clinical evaluations and Functional Behavioral Assessments of behavioral issues
  • Rehabilitation and Educational Services focusing on student strengths, needs and preferences
  • Direct Training in self regulation, problem solving and communication techniques to avoid unwanted behaviors
  • Effective Communication and Relationship Development between family, NCIL and the referring school system
  • Family Training and Support
  • Training Schools in effective strategies to assure student’s successful return